Hot Air Balloon Rides In Stylish Melbourne

Being Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne is also known for its chic, fashionable metropolitan vibe. Recently, it was named as one of the world’s most “liveable” cities. It is also a multicultural city being home to a large number of immigrants from countries like Italy, Lebanon, and Greece to name a few. The mix of people from all over, who came to live in Melbourne and the Australian province of Victoria, paved the development of the Immigration Museum in the Old Customs House.

The Central Business District of Melbourne is made vibrant and sophisticated because of the presence of nicely-designed buildings. The city’s Chinatown, which is known for its narrow lanes, is just near the heart of the city. Another iconic landmark in the city is the Queen Victoria Market, which is one hundred years old. Despite its age, the market exudes an electric atmosphere because of the large number of shoppers, people-watchers and tourists.

But Melbourne is not just about modernity. The city also has its natural landmarks like the Yarra River, which cuts through developed districts. It also maintains parks and gardens like the Melbourne Park and Carlton Gardens, which allow people to take a breather and relax in nature. But there is no doubt that high rises have defined the cityscape. Structures like the Eureka Tower, Melbourne Museum and Federation Square reflects the city’s rapid growth and flourishing local economy.

There are many ways to explore Melbourne, and all of them gives you a certain unique perspective of the city. But to experience a giant chic metropolis like Melbourne in the most distinct way, why not go for a balloon ride? By going high up in the air, you will get marvelous views of the city’s shimmering skyline. You will get a bird’s eye view of the city’s central business district, its surrounding suburbs, and its premier landmarks like the Albert Park racetrack and the Rod Laver Arena, home to the Australian Open.

There are only a few cities in the world where hot balloon rides are available, so marveling at Australia’s second largest city sever hundreds of feet in the air sounds like an exciting and wonderful opportunity. Hot air balloon rides have been conducted in Melbourne for about 20 years and the giant balloons have already become iconic figures in the city’s skyline. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer hot air balloon rides over Melbourne. So the hardest part is really just to choose which company, price and itinerary suits you the most. Some companies provide more than just the ride itself. The tour may also include gourmet meals, drinks, in-flight photography, hotel transfers and souvenirs.

Hot air balloon flights over Melbourne are usually conducted in the early morning because of favorable weather conditions during this time. Thus, participants and tour operators usually meet before sunrise. The ride typically lasts for an hour, and operators provide breakfast at a posh hotel afterwards. Some companies like Go Wild Ballooning, also offer flights over the nearby gorgeous wine producing region called Yarra Valley. As part of the experience, operators encourage guests to assist in the balloon preparation and the packing away process, so make sure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear.